Frequently Asked Questions

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Which e-commerce sellers benefit most from sales planning and insights?

Those e-commerce sellers looking to get a handle on selling a diverse set of products to a varied customer base will see the most benefit.  

Providing a long-term view of the key elements of e-commerce sales and how they are changing these reports are most useful for retailers with a fairly stable product range and consistent customer base.

The solution closes a gap for expanding businesses where the senior team can lose their closeness to the orders as they no longer interact with individual sales. 

It’s extremely beneficial for businesses that need to produce a detailed board pack for internal and external scrutiny of their performance.  

Why don’t you integrate website performance, SEO and PPC results into your solution?

Our expertise is in understanding and analysing actual sales, not in marketing performance measurement. Where possible we try and build a close beneficial relationship with your marketing team/partner who will know this area inside out.

Is this suitable for multi-channel sellers?

If the majority of sales are made on your website we’ll have access to a rich set of data to use for sales planning. We can track transactions by channel so can correctly allocate sales to wholesale, physical locations, Amazon and Ebay. We will look at the value of bringing this external data into our system or whether it makes more sense to use existing reports by 3rd parties.

Is it just retail sales planning or do you work with food, events and leisure?

The sales planning service was developed for retailers but it can be used in other sectors though there will be differences:

Food Sales -wholesale sales may need adding in from a different system, stock tracking should include sell-by dates, cost of goods will cover production cost, not the purchase price

Event Sales – annually held events will only require tracking for set periods

Leisure Sales – key seasons will vary, more likely to be a mixture of booked tickets and activity at the site requiring point-of-sale data

How secure is our data?

There is security at every stage of the process, find out more on the About page

Why did you choose WooCommerce and then Shopify platforms?

As a new company, we wanted to build the first solution using popular industry software. We’re big fans of the WooCommerce platform because of the high levels of customisation and flexibility that it offers so built that API first.

The Shopify API is in development, scheduled for roll-out in Summer 2023.

We’re looking at future integrations with other platforms such as BigCommerce, Magento and Wix.

How does the annual sales planning process take?

We allow 4 weeks for a new project, using our templated solution and a rapid set-up process.  We take time to understand your exact needs and to customise the data and sales planning process to your requirements.

This is an ongoing process with tweaks made when needed so has a cumulative effect where the benefits build over time compared to an off-the-shelf standardised set of reports.

Can’t we just do our data analysis and sales planning?

If you’re existing method works for you then you should continue with it. Or it’s entirely possible to set up your own dashboard if you are lucky enough to have available internal project management, IT, and analyst capabilities.

We’re able to provide customised, quickly implemented, sales planning with minimal pull on your resources if this isn’t the case.  

Do you have a question that isn’t answered here? Let us know and we’ll be happy to answer.