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Digital Women – 18th March 2024

Lucia spoke at the Digital Women 2024 conference in Birmingham in March.

She showed the attendees how they can make the best use of their eCommerce data, and demonstrated the power of Dello Insights Dashboards to make sense of order, customer and product data to further their businesses.

Photo credits: Digital Women and Mooie Fee Photography

Podcasts & Learn Sessions

eComOne eCommerce Podcast

Lucia was asked on to the eComOne eCommerce podcast to chat about the problems facing online retailers today, including the complexity and unfriendliness of data structures on platforms like Woocommerce and Shopify.

Lucia also talked about how Dello Insights services can overcome these issues by helping retailers to make better sense of the data they have.

You can listen to the podcast on the eComOne website or on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce

Lucia gave a 30 minute business bites session to the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce.

Talking members through how they can use their sales data to focus on key sales opportunities.

You can watch in the Kent Chamber ‘s You Tube channel.


Use your sales data to focus on key opportunities

In this three minute video we will show how every single piece of information from a sales order can be turned into valuable information to help you manage your business better.

Introducing Dello Insights

This video talks about the idea behind Dello Insights, it’s founders and the solution

How to convert your sales data into valuable information

Dello Insights discusses the ways that the sales order data can be turned in valuable information. Covers options such as using existing reports, buying add-ons to creating a data warehouse with a dashboard and available software.

A tour of the Dello Insights Dashboards software

In this video we take you on a guided tour of the Dello Insights dashboard software. Showing you the different dashboards content, navigation and filtering.

How well do you manage your product refunds?

A short talk about the refund insights that e-commerce retailers should be using and how to evaluate the impact of refunds and take appropriate actions.

A tip top for digital marketers working with ECommerce brands

Don’t stop analysing performance once a sale is made, watch this clip to learn more.