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Supercharge your business with customised sales dashboards

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Measure and improve your e-commerce sales strategies with high-quality visualisations

Going deeper than Shopify and WooCommerce

Customised multi-dimensional sales dashboards that drill into patterns in customer behaviour, order revenues and product performance. Enrich your board packs by filling in the gaps left by the standard e-commerce reports

Boosting your profits

By being able to independently evaluate returns on your marketing strategies, from google ads spend to loyalty programs, and optimising product ranges, stock levels and sales promotions

Navigating the difficult economy

Steer your business through the tough environment for online retailers by closely monitoring the drivers of cashflow, building robust forecasts and taking agile actions

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The Benefits of Our Services

We enable SMEs to close the gap with large e-commerce retailers who use high-quality, customised reports and insights strategically and operationally to boost profits, optimise processes, and save time on repetitive tasks.


A visual representation of your data. To give a revolution in the understanding of your business.



The whole team is engaged everyone views the business the same way and understands their role.



Oversight of the key sales opportunities and challenges. Quickly spot changes and re-allocate resources.



Access best-in-practice large company tools. Technology and analytics at a cost-effective price with minimal internal resource.



Drill down into any aspect of your sales using curated graphs. See what is working and what is not, swiftly.



Combine intuition with data to improve decision making. Make informed decisions and receive rapid feedback on impacts.


Dello Insights services combine analytics with powerful systems so that SME’s can concentrate on improving their sales planning and performance rather than using their limited resources to build the capacity themselves.