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Questions We Help You to Answer

Giving you one less ball to juggle

We know that you have a lot going on every day from product selection to order fulfilment to customer care to Instagram reels.

You know you could be making better use of your sales data to plan more effectively and understand your business but practically you lack the time and systems to collect, monitor and make the best use of your sales data.

The Dello Insights solution will bridge this gap and allow you to answer all the key questions you have to create effective strategies and feel in control of your business.

Is your marketing working?

Marketing and advertising is vital activity but it is costly and time-hungry and can be extremely frustrating when you are unable to assess marketing effectiveness and are guessing what works.    

We help you answer these questions:

  • What is our share of sales from new and existing customers?
  • How cost-effective is our new customer marketing strategy in growing our customer base?
  • How do our repeat customers behave and how responsive are they to mailings?
  • Is our marketing reaching customers located in our target regions?

Do you have the right products for sale at the right prices?

If this operational area isn’t optimised sales will be lost and profits lowered through being out-of-stock on bestsellers, tying-up money in slow-moving products, and incorrect pricing.   

We help you answer these questions:

  • How are our new products performing?
  • How many weeks of stock do we hold for our bestselling products?
  • Which product category and brand has the highest growth in sales?
  • Are our product margins healthy?
  • What percentage of products listed on our website is out-of-stock?
  • Where are we holding too much stock?
  • Is there incorrect or missing product data that needs correcting?

How well do you understand your sales revenue?

Without a clear picture of the components that make up revenue and the ability to measure the impact, actions you take to boost revenue could be ineffective or damaging.   

We help you answer these questions:

  • How have order volumes changed over time?
  • Are the changes in order values driven by changes in average order values, shifts in order value groups, or the number of products per order?
  • Did refund rates increase?
  • How was Black Friday compared to last year?
  • Are sales by channel consistent?
  • Do our results fit those of the wider market benchmarks?
  • What average daily revenue is required to meet our cash flow needs?